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Islands & Stuff

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Been a productive couple of days.

Last night I got the AI island code in there. So, now, when an I looks for a spot, he restricts himself to the intersection of his normal search box and the island box of his closest nav point.

Now the enemy in the tunnel is able to find good hiding & shooting spots.

Another optimization I just made is to make the A star search early out if the start & goal don't share the same island. This should speed up the responsiveness of AIs when on islands.

Here is a shot of two islands on a test level. The purple nav grid is island 1, where the red area is island 0.

I also added ambient cubemap lighting this morning. In addition to doing the old ambient solution, which involes ambient occlusion, a bit of bump mapping, rim lighting, plus the scene-wide ambient color, I now fetch a pre-filtered environment map for the ambient term, which looks better than the older method. I can still use backlights if need be, but I it will be
cheaper to burn them into the cubemap itself than doing a separate pass.

Added some more editor features today. I added a clip-to-grid feature which can clip an object to a given grid, usually 1,1,1 in xyz, or just one or more dimension. This is good for shrinking some of those overly long polygons on some columns, for instance.

Just now I added a file containing material filters, so certain material categories don't display as options at all, like some of the debug and gui materials. I also added individual filters, as well as an individual palette section, where you can make certain materials appear in their normal alphabetical list, but also as one of the very first displayed.

This morning I also added a light behind the camera to help visualize dark levels without adding extra lights that won't be needed in the game. You can select it and modify its properties, but mainly its just a large radius white point light that trails the camera.

Last night I added key-remapping for the camera controls.
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