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Stompy vs Dragon Ninja

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Ok, so it's isn't an epic amount of screenshots:

I'm about halfway through designing the level, and I've realized that the missilebots are currently way to difficult. I definitly need to tweak their behavior.

Tomorrow, I'm going to program the missiles so that if the missilebot or a robot guard gets caught in a missile explosion, they will get killed. One of the most annoying things currently about the missilebots is that I jump over them to stomp them, and then they launch a missile that hits me before I can come down. Obviously, I'm going to work on it so that they don't do that(because it is more in the realm of cheap than good natured difficulty). However, if they do catch the player this way, they'll also blow themselves up. Also, a really crafty player will be able to use the missiles to their advantage.

So yeah, lots o' work to do over the weekend on this level. I think I can easily release a demo by next week, though. It's been such a long time since the last one[grin]
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