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Today has been one of the best days I've had in years; I had a date and it went really well. I also got a $600 TV from my friend for $110.

Anyway, Tallitus had some questions about RpgDE and I figured I'd answer them here in-case others were wondering:

How does script-based fit into the editor? Is there a script editor or just a way to specify which script is assigned to what entity? (are you writing your own script language or using an existing one like Lua/Python?)

This is one of the things that I'm still designing out, but I'll probably build a script editor right into the whole environment. And I'm planning on using LUA for the scripting language.

"Even though time is automatically tracked, it has no effect (other than daylight) unless you use it."
- What does this mean? How can you use it? Do you mean that the editor/engine provides support but it can be ignored?

Pretty much. The engine will automatically handle the change of daylight (so it will get darker and lighter), but that's as far as it goes for built-in.

There will be scripted events, like OnDay() and such, that the user can override to interact with the passing of time. You'll also be able to specify the speed via scripts. A good example would be a Harvest Moon clone. You'd set the speed to high and then when the day changed (OnDay()) you'd increment the plant's state value or something.

Of course, I'm still working on designing these things out, so I might change some things.

Skill system
100 Levels seems daunting. Might want to scale it back some.

I can understand where you're coming from on this, but once you get a chance to try it I think you'll change your mind; I did after playing Oblivion. I'll keep this in mind though as I work on the full design document. Any other opinions on this would be GREATLY appreciated.

Single use? Wouldn't a 'potion' or something else fit better. An ability seems like something I should be able to use more the once.

Sorry, I misworded that. I didn't mean 'single use' I meant 'one use per day.'

Build it it now if you think you'll use it later :)

I was thinking this, but as I'm going to use this for more than just Ascension I didn't want to make it required. Also, it doesn't really require any building in as everything that's needed is already available; building it in would also make the environment more bloated and (IMO) harder to use.


So Jan 20 - Jan 31 is your total design phase for the whole game? A bit hard to understand with the design being the same for all systems
would make more sense writting like:

Basics Jan 1 - Jan 20
Design Jan 20 - Jan 31
Map System Jan 31 - Feb 4

No, it's the design phase for the editor; I'll be fleshing out the game's design while I'm developing the editor.

Anyway, the dates mentioned are kind of just guesses; I'll rewrite them once I get the complete design document written.

Thank you Tallitus; very much! I'll be happy to answer any more questions and I'm love suggestions!
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Yeah I was initially confused on what part of the design was for Ascension vs for the editor. Reading things like level limits, map streaming, and abilities sounded more like game details instead of editor features.

RE: 100 levels - Just make sure you parameterize and you'll be fine later if you change your mind.

Look forward to seeing what you come up with and congrats on the TV.

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