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And there was much rejoicing

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So we finally got internet back at our house. Had to go to comcast and buy a new modem. I hate comcast.

I've been working on a renderer for my unnamed SRPG combat engine, largely based on the one in Ultimate Game Programming with DirectX. I got the basics working, but it really doesn't seem to be the most well designed renderer. Uses lots of C-isms and almost no SC++L, so I've been slowly tweaking it to look more like C++ code. I wish I knew more about DirectX to the point where I could architect an engine myself instead of going from books of dubious quality, but I guess that will come with experience.

Up next: adding model support (probably just .x models so I can use the D3DX helper libs).

I'll write up some more in depth technical info later, right now I have ramen on the stove.
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