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Well, this year seems to be starting off better than last. 20 days in and i've already been to a movie with a girl. This may not be groundbreaking to most, but it's a good start for me. We went to see Saw III and then to another friends house after that where, wonder of wonders, she played Gears of War. It was actually pretty cool. She said she liked gaming and it sounds like she wants to do it again. I'm amazed. This is like what you hear about in the movies or in books [wink].

If I don't mess things up too badly maybe we'll do something this week or again next weekend.

Oh, and as a preemptive measure. Yes, she's hot.

In a more gamedev related note, I visited the career center at our school and was pleased at what I learned. I'm looking into some Co-ops/internships, but something else the lady said that I thought was very interesting was that she can write grants to professional conferences. If i'm lucky and can swing it, maybe this is my way to the GDC! I had no idea that opportunities like that were available through school, so if you're in school it may well be worth a trip to your career center (or equivalent) as well to see if they can do similar things.
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