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I've got to write a paper in a technical writing course that I am taking this semester.

Can you think of a problem that faces the games industry that I could find a feasible solution for? (problem/solution paper)
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Some ideas:
  1. How to deal with the spiralling costs to compete in the "AAA" league of game development
  2. Dealing with the age disparity and skilled worker retention; the computer game industry traditional is staffed by the young and eager, but the lower pay and longer hours often alienates the older, more experienced workers who often can get greater salaries, benefits and family-friendly working hours outside the industry. How can the game industry change to increase retention of workers as they get older?
  3. Games and addiction: increasingly with games such as MMOs people spend an increasing amount of time in virtual worlds. How much of a responsiblity do game developers have when aiming to make an immersive game environment to deal with possible game addiction?

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Original post by ildave1
Those are some great ideas Dave and I really appreciate the time taken to share them with me.


No worries. Personally I like the second one the best; it's not something I see discussed that often.

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