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Final Stretches

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Finally a different post!

Tommorow (monday) is the rollout date, meaning the code wll be given one final debug sweep and basically commented so that the code looks clean and well documented. I am also releasing a document with basically the following:

- Explanation of how the engine works
- Design and reasoning why
- Future plans
- what it can and cannot do

I hope the textures of the battlestar looked good. and again I want to thank phil for his amazing work during these past months eventhough he was not part of our group. He won't be graded by the teacher, but he has in my book down a lot of good work. Hopefulyl we can continue working on the engine together.

The future of this game engine sitll is a long and bright road. Even after this project is done will we continue working on it. Most likely we will be doing a rewrite after 1.0, mostly just to add .DLL extensions to make the code easier to update, and also working on trying to understand Multithreading something I have been very fond of trying to sort out. Hopefully, Multiplayer will be a possiblity aswell.

Again I want to stress that vypers goal is to be a framework to be used in making a computer game, we have added a "noob" interface that basically allows you to render one scene by just punching in 5 function calls.

Thank you to everyone who has supported vyper thus far :)

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