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Been away for a couple of days, but managed to get VS and the PSDK etc installed on my laptop before I went, so was able to do a bit of dev.

I've implemented the back layer in Udo for the parralax effect:

So the sky, the mid layer and the fore layer all scroll at different speeds which looks quite nice. Graphics are a bit basic at the moment, but as usual they are all specified in the various files so can be changed easily.

The back layer is actually getting a file all to itself since I figure I can share the back layer between several levels that have the same theme.

Anyway, good to be back and I need to go catch up on the other journals.
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Original post by Iced_Eagle
Would be sort of neat if for the mid-layer you showed the next level that you will play :) Sort of a small touch but would sorta be cool.

That is a nice idea but there are two problems - firstly the game is not going to make you play levels in a fixed order. There are going to be groups of levels you can play in any order in order to unlock routes to other groups of levels.

Secondly, pure laziness but I can't be bothered to design a new mid layer for every level so the current plan is to have one mid layer per sort of theme, or world, that all the levels of that basic type will share.

Got to keep finding ways to reduce the level designing work since that is the bit I find hardest to get done.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway though.

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