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Magic Constants

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One of Team UnrealSPs mappers came across an interesting problem this weekend. We already knew about UTs zone limit (64, because a zone mask is stored in a 64 bit integer) and bsp node limit (65535, because bsp node indices are stored in unsigned shorts) but now for the first time we've hit the vertex limit. The limit is 128 000, which seems a little arbitrary. I've been looking into the issue and it looks to me like UnrealEd isn't cleaning up after itself very well. As near as I can tell there are a good 50 thousand unreferenced vertices in the map data, so I'm hoping I'll be able to write a small utility to clear those unused vertices out of the map file this coming week and bring the map back under the limit.

We changed source control systems at work this week, which was great fun. We're now using Perforce, or at least trying to - we're still finding our feet a little bit. The diff viewer and merge tool certainly look funky, with their multicoloured displays and variable speed scrolls.

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