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Hallo Everybody!

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Prinz Eugn


I've been sort of out of the loop again with school, although this semester is shaping up to be much more, well, lazy than the last. I dropped my fourth (last) hour class, due to the teacher confusing "Learning" and "Working", thinking that they were more or less synonymous, even though it's pretty clear that doesn't work when you are copying notes down too fast to actually understand them. So now I can spend an extra hour and a half messing around per day... per day!

In stealth news, which is news I can only tell you about second-hand, Sir Sapo is progessing like a madman with the menus for Angels 22, so I imagine he'll have those done soon, which brings us to the still fictional 'Demo' we've been talking about for about half a year now... yeah, it's coming along.


Since most of my work on Angels 22 is done for now, or at least until Sir Sapo gets a stable level editor working, I have had lots of time to think about stuff.
Multuplayer stuff.

For... um... ever, Sapo and I have been thinking about having a multiplayer airplane game with gameplay similar to Angels 20 and 22, with multiple airplanes and two main factions. Note: If you cannot guess the two factions after reading this journal, you are probably stupid. Get help. The setting is going to be vaguely in the Angels 22 setting, so that means, yes Good Guys Vs. Commies!

Anyway, I've been drawing top-view airplanes for it, about 128 by 128, mainly for kicks. Here are the ones completed so far:

Fighters for Dogfight: Good Guys

F-15F Bald Eagle

Alternate Camo:

This is a heavily upgraded F-15, based off of the F-15 ACTIVE test vehicle. It is the final generation F-15 Eagle, and is very maneuverable and has good acceleration, but is not stealthy and cannot carry more advanced weapons.

F-26A Kestrel

A fast and stealthy air-superiority fighter and the replacement for the F-22, it carries more powerful weapons, including an internal laser, it is less maneuverable, instead relying more on speed and even greater stealth.

Su-49 "Firkin-B"

This is the Russian answer to the F-22 Raptor, and is it's closest equivalent, although it is more maneuverable and better armed, though less stealthy and slower. It is based off of the Su-47 for the PAK FA fighter program.

MiG-51 "Foxbolt"

This is the mass-production version of Colonel Meyran's monster interceptor. It is designed for Brute-force speed and carries a very long ranged and hard-hitting armament. Speed is it's primary survival mechanism, stealth and maneuverability being sacrificed for maximum straight-line performance.

That's about it for now, I'll have to figure out game dynamics a little more before I put up much more. Stealth, Armor, Weapons, Maneuverablity, other kind of Maneuverability, I dunno...
I just talked to Sir Sapo, and he says he's ready for an entry tonight.

In the meantime:



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Very nice ships, indeed! Have you considered donating some to the National HopeDagger Fund? [smile]

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Sure, pick a few out and I'll size 'em down for ya.

That is, if you want them for MM, (could you have further Awesome up your sleeve?), otherwise, umm... do whatcha you have to

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