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Perspective Employers beware

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Well, I just got my ass handed to me in caps. First game 11-1, second 11-5. Basically, that means I've drank ~11 beers in ~2 hours. A winner is me!

Also, I realize this is about my third journal entry in about 24 hours. Hooray journal whoring! If you want anything meaningfull, read my previous two entries.

Anyway, to post something useful: there was a bug in my heightmap renderering code. Turns out I was drawing a quad to few for each row of the heightmap I was drawing. The real resuluts should look something like this:

And here's the new and improved Heightmap.cpp (which still needs documentation/cleanup):

#include "../Header Files/heightmap.h"
#include "../Header Files/defines.h"
#include "../Header Files/structs.h"
#include "../Header Files/Renderer.h"

extern CRenderInterface* g_renderer;

Heightmap::Heightmap(unsigned numRows, unsigned numCols, unsigned width, unsigned depth, unsigned height) : m_numRows(numRows), m_numCols(numCols), m_bitmap(NULL), m_bufferIndex(-1), m_width(width), m_depth(depth), m_height(height)


int Heightmap::LoadHeightmap(std::string filename, HDC hdc)
m_bitmap = new CBitmap();

if ( !m_bitmap->LoadBitmap(filename, hdc) )
return FAIL;

int width = m_bitmap->GetWidth();
int height = m_bitmap->GetHeight();

m_xstep = width / m_numCols;
m_ystep = height / m_numRows;

return CreateVertsFromBitmap();

int Heightmap::Draw()

return 0;

MapVertex* Heightmap::CreateVertex(MapVertex *vert, int x, int z)
int lineNumber = z * m_ystep;
if (lineNumber == m_bitmap->GetHeight())
BYTE *line = m_bitmap->GetLinePtr(lineNumber);

int lineIndex = x * m_xstep;
if (lineIndex == m_bitmap->GetWidth())

int xdisp = m_width / m_numCols;
int zdisp = m_depth / m_numRows;

float y = (line[lineIndex * m_bitmap->GetChannels()] / 255.0f) * m_height;

vert->tv = static_cast<float>(z) / (m_numRows );
vert->tu = static_cast<float>(x) / (m_numCols);

vert->x = static_cast<float>(x * xdisp);
vert->y = y;
vert->z = static_cast<float>(z * zdisp);

vert->color = COLOR_ARGB(255, line[lineIndex * m_bitmap->GetChannels()], 0, 100);

return vert;

int Heightmap::CreateVertsFromBitmap()
int numVerts = (m_numRows) * (m_numCols) * 6;

MapVertex *verts = new MapVertex[numVerts];

MapVertex vert = {0};

for (int z = 0; z < m_numRows; ++z)
for (int x = 0; x < m_numCols; ++x)
int startIndex = GetIndexFromXZ(x, z) * 6;

verts[startIndex] = *(CreateVertex(&vert, x, z));
verts[startIndex+1] = *(CreateVertex(&vert, x, z+1));
verts[startIndex+2] = *(CreateVertex(&vert, x+1, z+1));
verts[startIndex+3] = *(CreateVertex(&vert, x, z));
verts[startIndex+4] = *(CreateVertex(&vert, x+1, z+1));
verts[startIndex+5] = *(CreateVertex(&vert, x+1, z));


return g_renderer->CreateStaticBuffer(MAP_FVF, TRIANGLE_LIST, numVerts, 0,
sizeof(MapVertex), (void**)&verts, NULL, &m_bufferIndex);

inline int Heightmap::GetIndexFromXZ(int x, int z)
return (z * (m_numCols)) + x;

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