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Still not enough time.

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Mike Bossy


Well I'm still not spending enough time coding but I'm getting there. The good news is that my cold is starting to finally go away. Nasty, nasty bug.

This weekend I got some more work in on the particle system. The first step was to have particles be affected by the physics system. This was easy to do since I already had it very generalized. After that I started work on a little fireworks demo.

The idea behind the demo is to have a particle that acts like a firework rocket. It shoots up and after a given time interval it explodes and spawns off a bunch of shrapnel in the form of some children particles that flash. I finished the rocket particle and have it firing up, still to be done is spawning off the child particles.

The design I have implemented is a different inherited particle class for each particle type. It keeps it easy to encapsulate functionality and should make particles and effects easy to re-use in the future. I promise to have a screeny or video in my next post.

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