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Sir Sapo


Hey Everyone!

Thats right, I've updated two days in a row!

New AI System
Well, I recently dove into the old AI code I had written up for the NPC planes to add some more behavior, and to fine tune some of the states, when I realized that my earlier assumption that I could manage the whole system using a huge switch statement was, in fact, not correct. Thats right, that whole AI system was one big switch statement.... go ahead, point and laugh, get it out of your system[grin]. In my defense however, the AI was not initially supposed to be nearly as advanced as what we are currently envisioning, and the switch statement was doing just fine for my initial vision. Anyways, after reading a few articles, and dusting off my copy of "AI Game Engine Programming" by Brian Schwab, I decided to rewrite the system using a much more modular and maintanable class based Finite State Machine, as opposed to shitty spaghetti code Finite State Machine. Hopefully it wont take too long, as I already have all the behavior itself, I just need to rearrange them into classes for each state, which shouldn't be too much of a big deal.

A Scripted Level
As a test for the scripting language, I've begun to make a scripted "tour" of the demo level, where the plane flies itself, and the game pauses at places of interest, and a voice over from Mark or I explains whats cool about whatever you're looking at. Hopefully it turns out ok in the end.....

The Demo Plan
Well, I've pretty much completed everything I really want to be in the demo, its just a matter of making sure it all works, and getting Mark to fix up some of my placeholder art, then its off to you guys for some hardcore testing/feedback[wink] I really hate giving the release of the demo an actual date, as I have been promising this for awhile, but we're close, and its going ot be awesome, becuase you guys will be getting to play something very indicative of the final game, which is exciting.

Sorry for the screeny-less update tonight, but I think you guys have seen enough boring menu screens for now[wink] Peace Out!
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