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Where I Have Been

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For the record, this is not the first time I have "disappeared" for months at a time.

I am no longer in Washington. I moved back home to Wisconsin. I have a new job in Wauwatosa, WI at GE HealthCare. I am now officially a corporate drone.

Currently, I am in the process of changing houses. I'll be moving from Trevor, WI(1 hour from work, and generally far away from "stuff") to Mount Pleasant, WI(45 minutes from work, and way closer to "stuff").


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No, not freakin' better. That read like my fourth grade book report about Charlotte's Web!

I want something less clinical. Where's the heart? Where's the news? Where are the great anecdote about the time you got drunk with Paul Allen in a Seattle bar and ended up besting him in a neck-punching contest?

Where's the opinion? Where's the commentary? Where's the TANSTAAFL?

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