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Screens and vid

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Mike Bossy


As promised here are some fantastical screen shots of my particle system in action. The particles are currently white opaque 3x3 quads. As ugly as you can get. But you get the idea. In the first shot the firework rocket is being launched from the bottom of the screen where it arcs and then explodes into 8 pieces as seen in the second shot. It's a little easier to see in the video if not less exciting.

Really it's a rocket!


The Video
Hope it works.
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The transition from when it goes from one to eight particles looks awkward. Perhaps the new particles aren't inheriting the velocity of the old particle and thus they have to start from zero again?

Anyways, it looks nice and I can't wait for more progress on this! :D Particle engines are sweet.

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When I do the explosion I do apply a new velocity to each new particle. I didn't really think about adding the velocity of the existing particle as well. That's a good idea. I'll see what that looks like.

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