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No work & all play makes jack a dull boy

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Stephen R


Went to school thismorning and got my teacher assignments. Lets just say that I'm more that happy. I didn't get a single teacher that I have a special dislike for and all of them are renowned for giving small amounts of howework. So I should be able to work away on Kernel Chaos without much interference from school.

When I got back I helped my dad buy a new printer. He got a beautifull color laser - which I'm going to use in a few minutes to print out GD article I'm going to be reading during school tomorrow. Not that I don't do my school work but I know exactly what tomorrow is going to entail. Each teacher is going to lecture us on how we have to buckle down, work harder and (most importantly) be quiet. That kind of thing gets dull quick.

After my Dad bought himself the printer I was invited to a lan party. While we were blasting away at quake, one of the programmers and I got started talking about vertex shaders and cell shading. I might try my hand at cell shading and see if it looks better than what I'm doing now for Kernel Chaos. I really think that if I can pull it off it will look much better than my current, and very basic, rendering method. I'll read up on it for the next day or two and then see if I can get it working in my engine. That is after I get the basic rendering code layed down. I'll probably do that tomorrow and the next day and it should be ready then for these little experiments.

I also have to format my machine this weekend - I haven't done it in a while and it is beginning to tear along the seams.
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