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Menu Madness

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Yesterday I put in the proper level selection mechanism, at least in the player's spaceship.

When you enter the teleporter, it checks your character's info to see which levels he knows about that are in the same hub he is currently in, and gives you those options to teleport to.

The main nav computer will have a menu allowing hub-to-hub travel, assuming your hyperdrive is functional.

The menus are functional, but hopefully will be replaced with something fancier in the future - the main thing is to get them up & running in a state that we could ship with.

I also added support for multiple-page menus, mainly intended for debug purposes, but possibly necessary for cases where there are too many items to fit in the menu.

Also I acceded to another level editor request, and added 'anchor vertices', which are sort of a second type of selection. You can swap anchor verts with selected verts, etc. The main point of them right now is to allow you to pull each of the selected vertices to their closest anchor vertex. Good for closing holes & making ceilings, etc.

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I hope you have some kind of feature to fast-return to your ship. I liked that part of KOTOR.

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