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Un pregunta for you!

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This is another short late-night entry, so here we go:

A MiG-51S for Colonel Meyran, probably going to be integral to a multiplayer gametype, kind of like a combined version of Capture the Flag/Juggernaut from Halo 2. This airplane is not entirely done, and niether is the Aurora(oh noes, a secret!), so it's not up here either.

Ok, I have a question for everybody, as sort of vague survey of aero-knowledge among the peoples:
What is your favorite airplane? (and why?)

See you peoples!


-Mark the Artist

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"Aurora" means "dawn" and can be interpreted as "the end of darkness". So I guess it's the American or western fighter plane? [grin]

As to my favourite airplane - I have no idea, but I like small planes they make me wanna be a pilot [smile]

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Sir Sapo flies a tiny airplane, pics should be in his journal near the beginning, from back in the day.

I was thinking more of Spitfires and SR-71's, so umm... there you go. That's what I was thinking.

Aurora tomorrow maybe, I dunno, I may have a meaningless entry tonight.

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