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Vyper 1.1 released!

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Sorry its a few days late, had to fix things and had some unexpected problems. Here is a release commented, cleaned up that should work nicely. Sadly the heightmap is still crap. Maybe someone can take a look at whats going wrong. Other then that we have a dynamic camera, a few rendered scenes. And it should look like this on your screen:

the code is here:

Thank you to everyone who hsa helped thusfar :) I will release the documentation shortly just need to fix some things and improve on it.

The Vyper group
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its a shame we did not get an immediate pass, I rather not go into the details too much... We need to rewrite some pices of the code, and also fix a few memory leaks and solve our abstraction code.

But we think one days is enough, other then that i thinkwe passed starting friday :)

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