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I am going to build a new desktop, and will be Intel based. I am torn between getting a quad core or the 2.4Ghz Core Duo 2 chip. I lean towards quad since more and more games are now coming out that will use a quad core. And those games I was planning on playing already. I am also going to get Vista and I hear quad core will run Vista better also. Just wondering what everyone around here is running or if they do have a quad what they think about it? I know SupCom, Crysis, HL2:Ep2, Alan Wake, Ut2k7, just to name a few off the top of my head will all support multi-core CPUs. Then I am not sure what to do on the Gfx card front either. I want a 8800GTX again, but ATI is somewhat close to releasing their new R600 but who know when and what it will support. If their new card still doesn't do vertex textures I am writing them off.

So what are everyones thoughts on 64bit Vista vs. 32bit Vista? Can I play games that are out now with 64bit Vista?
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It's really fun buying top notch PCs but I'd advise against it. I used to do the same until I realised that I could spend half the money and get a PC that could kick ass on modern games and then the other half 1-2 years later and get a PC better than the one I would have got in the first place.

This especially holds true for graphics cards!

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Yeah I been thinking about that avenue myself... My other issue is Vista or not and 32bit or 64bit? Ugh... To much to consider... I need more info! :)

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64-bit Vista has many of the same problems as x64 XP; combine this with the 64-bit requirement that all drivers be signed and I don't see a really compelling user experience.

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Running a 64bit OS also prevents running 16bit applications, which might be a consideration.

I myself run Vista 64 on my development machine, and havn't had too many problems with it. The biggest issue would be drivers, but I guess I lucked out since I've found everything I need.

Try looking around for drivers for your hardware before deciding. If you can't find 64bit Vista drivers, it would seem they made the decision for you :).

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