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My GeForce 8800 GTS arrived today [grin]

Decided to run 3DMark 2006 on my turbo-charged beast of a GeForce 7300LE for reference purposes - scores a cracking 530 3D Marks [lol]

The back of the 8800's box claims its a little over 5x faster than the 7300 series GPU's. Should give me a nice figure of ~2500 3D Marks. Although with early drivers I doubt that'll be the case...

Oh, and tip of the day - be careful with USB drives and Windows Vista. I crashed Vista several times, hung explorer every time just by plugging in a USB pen-drive that I'd removed without doing that "safely remove hardware" process [rolleyes]. Never caused problems for XP...

Finally, minor service announcement - apologies for not dropping by the forums much lately. Been so stupidly busy during and out of work that I simply haven't the time [headshake]. Figure it might be late March before I really get back into the swing of things...
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