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Vas O No Vas?

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Yesterday, I "missed" the state of the union address. :(

Instead, I was "forced" to watch Deal or No Deal.

I truly enjoy this show (and not for the reason you might think).

It is utterly elegant, and gives the player the illusion of choice. You might as well pick case number 1, and then go through the rest of the in number order.

I've also watched the spanish channel version of this show, "Vas O No Vas".

Despite my rudimentary spanish, I was able to follow along with the show without any real problem. The main differences were that the monetary amounts were smaller, and the "models" were less "diverse".

And of course, the term "No Vas" reminds me of the joke about how the car by a similar name failed to sell well in mexico.

Another thing about this show is the whole "we'll open the case...(significant pause)...when we come back" for "added tension and suspense". game shows have always been "reality tv", but I quickly tired of this tactic while watching american idol.

I mean, I've seen some shows where this is done after only 30 seconds of airtime, "and we'll find out right after this".

But I think I'm becoming numb to this.
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I missed that darn State of the Union too. I ended up watching it through MSNBC.com's video player.

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Deal or No Deal is my least favourite game show, due to all the reasons you listed. It's so hard to care about a contenstant very slowly choosing random briefcases; the few occasions I've been forced to watch it I barrack for them to lose horribly. The only occasion I've liked it is when the bank gives a truly evil offer for "Deal" (for example, zero dollars)

I tend to prefer two types of game shows: the kind where contestants answer trivia, logic or word problems as the bulk of the gameplay, and the kind where contestants have a pillow fight on a greased pole suspended over a pool of treacle.

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I much prefer Vas Or No Vas to the American version. As you mentioned, knowledge of English is not required. Also, the spokesmodels are of a. . .lower tier than the American ones, but they make up for it by dressing sluttier.

I'm still bummed that Shatner's show got canceled. That was a truly inspired show, as it featured dancing Shatner and STRIPPER POLES!!!

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