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Nothing really serious to report,

We are going to try and release a new version friday that basically has the following changes:

1. KErnel.CPP becomes a Class aswell
2. Cleanup functions will function properly (memory leaks gone)
3. Fixed the heightmap (no promise)
4. some more D3D tweaks
5. A real Abstract renderer instead of a polymorphism solution.

Furthemore we are trying to look for a solution to a problem we are having

AS you might have noticed, we have the .X files and BMP files floating the map, preferably we want to put them all in one file so its easier to access, but also easier to zip and keep track of what we need. Does anyone know how easy that is to implement?

One last thing we are really struggeling with is we can make a debug version of Vyper, but a release keeps on giving linker errors, which is a pain in the ass.We need to add more library dependancies to make it work for a RElease build?

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Getting your resources from one packed file is really easy.

Gpwiki has an article on building your own custom resource format, if that's your thing.

If you don't wanna build your own, you could use a library get your assets from a standard zip file:

I'm a big fan of Physfs.

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