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FFA sav stuff

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i've been away for a little while, huh? well, lemme show you what i've been up to. you know how i was obsessing over FFA lately? well let me show you the evil clutch that game has on me:

that's right, i wrote an editor that would let you change the things i figured out in gameboy sav files for FFA. the 2nd pic shows that i started figuring out quite a bit of the format, and i'm actually not far from having the entire 256byte file figured out. (well its actually bigger, but VisualBoyAdvance doesn't see the other part of a proper-sized file)

anyways so i started the whole thing originally because i was curious about what kinds of wierdness i could pull off by hacking sav files. i actually didn't get much. i found a song that didn't make it to the final game, and discovered a couple of items that hadn't been translated because you can't actually get them either. i made silly situations like having the girl as a partner before i saved her -- on the screen where she stood waiting for me to talk to her for the first time...

omg she's got a hot twin~~~

i figured out how to change the names of the boy and girl you choose at the start, to use the special symbols you see in item names...

thats right, you know it!
(read: how demeaning!)
[[read: WHAT A SLUT!!]]

anyways as i was playing around i got tired of looking at UltraEdit and its hex codes. i'd have to do a convert to cram bytes together and then slap them into calc to do some magic.. finding the bytes and figuring out what the numbers were was a real pain. so i decided it might be easier to look at values if they were aligned and converted for me. thus...

i'm far from ready to make a full-on editor, because i haven't mapped out all of the flags and my partner stuff isn't as correct as i want it to be.. not to mention all the story event stuff i still have to track, and all the maps that need to be made so i don't miss anything......

well, anyways, now you know! [grin]

[edit: Cytroxian tells me these things are called Trainers.
/me gives a shout out to Cytroxian!]
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