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I use win2k here at home. Until my last computer's untimely hard drive demise in July-ish, I'd been running the same install (migrated from one machine to the next) since late 1999 (beta 2). Winxp offered nothing for me to upgrade so I didn't. Win2k though is now long in the tooth, so I'm looking to pickup Vista for this mostly new machine come next week. Let's hope it will be just as solid and reliable as I'm used to (seriously).

One problem cropped up today which rather reminded me to upgrade. I'd a borrowed hard drive with some data I was looking to integrate into a project. Alas, it was not recognized. I eventually turned to (trial) partition magic, which nicely identified it as having NTFS 3.1 (read: formatted for winXP)

Odd that win2k can't read it. NT4 even has a patch to access it. After about an hour's worth of searching I gave up, moved it over to my linux machine. One command later and I was SCPing the data off of the drive.

It amused me that debian stable had better support (in this case) for NTFS than win2k.
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