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On being sick and Guitar Hero

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I've been pretty sick these last few days, which definitely makes going to classes a bit more painfull. I always feel like an ass sitting in the back of the class coughing ever two minutes. At least I have nyquil, and thanks to it lots and lots of sleep.

I haven't really had much energy to get work done, which means I've been playing lots and lots of guitar hero. I still need to beat Freebird, but other than that I can dominate expert at this point (well, except Jordan, but I maintain that song is impossible). My roommates and I have some pretty intense pro faceoff battles, which makes the game way more fun.

Sick or no, I need to get models in this weekend, after which my graphics engine needs some refactoring. If all goes well, I'd like to have some basic gameplay done by monday. Nothing major, just selecting and moving units around, and maybe some basic combat logic. So far my model loader just works with .X models, and is based on an article here on GameDev. The more I think about it, the more I think I should write a custom model loader that just grabs the geometry and bone data from the model, but for now the D3DX library functions look to be doing the job.

Expect some more technical updates this weekend.

Also, I finally got around to putting my (admittedly sparse) GGE info at the top of my journal. Make me a friend so I feel more e-popular!
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