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Second IGF Article, New Game Concept

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Thursday, Jan 25

Okay, so EvStream now has their interview up for consumption, so head on over and check it out. Again, if you guys want me asking things of these developers, whether it's about the game in question or development in general, let me know and I'll throw those questions out there. I also have interviews scheduled to go online the 29th and 31st. One is out for review, and another I'm doing tomorrow, with still more in the works! Wow I might actually be done before GDC - that would be a first! :P

I've also finally gotten around to completing that design draft I've been talking about. Took longer than I thought and I fleshed out the concept a lot more. This is a concept I'm pretty damn excited about, but I won't start working on it until after finishing Blitz Blox and Galaxy Conquest. I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone willing to give it a read.

Drop Zone.pdf

Today someone posted on the Blade Edge Software forums, which hasn't happened in a few years. I've been noticing people joining up over the past few weeks, but no one's posted anything. It would be nice to try and get some people interested in BB and GC to help push me to get the damn things finished and stop playing Guitar Hero instead [wink]
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