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The first step twoards victory!

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So, I guess I will start things off the right way and give a little rundown about our project.

As stated before, it is called Morning's Wrath, It is a cross between two game genres, on one end you have the fighting of a nice 'dungeon crawl' such as Diablo, and on the other you have the story, puzzles and gameplay of a game such as Kings Quest VII.

MW(morning's wrath) has been in progress now for a little over two years, and hopefully will be finished within the next few months.

Currently, the staff dedicated to brining MW to life is (in order of length of time on the team)...

  • Raymond Jacobs: Producer, Lead Programmer, In-Game Artist

  • Adam Frechette: Composer (and a damn good one if I may say so)

  • Billy Zimmerman: Programmer (WIN32 and OpenGL specialist)

  • Zac Todd: Designer, Programmer (easily, the #2 driving force of this effort)

  • Morgan Chaput: Sketch/Concept Artist (excellent hand drawn inked artwork)

  • Aaron Brown: Sound Designer (Master, of the 4th dimension of Sound Effects)

  • The game is set in a fictional world, wherein you Princess Morning of the Leowyn Kingdom, come face to face with a suprise attack from an ancient foe, there is an ancient weapon that lies deep within the Castle Iridine, you must seek to obtain and use this weapon to defeat the enemies that will surely lay waste to your kingdom.

    We feel that the story has alot of potential, and, aside from being 'yet another medievil game' has alot of orginality. We made absolutely sure to steer clear of blatent Tolkien'esc references, since we feel that it has been beaten to death, and we would like to try some ideas that perhaps a few people haven't yet used.

    At the current time, we are facing some staff hardships, due to a few members having life changes, thier time has been severely depleted and it is hurting the output of the project. However, we did not come this far to be beaten at the finish line, as the producer I will make appropriate changed to ensure things stay on course as best they can.

    That is all for now, check back soon, with luck I will actually remember to update this :-D
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