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Slightly more happy - my GeForce 8800 now works!!

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As the cool kids would say:

I got my GeForce 8800 working with some updated drivers just now. No more random crashes and seemingly full featured - including Direct3D 10 [grin][grin]

I'm going to run through some stress-tests to see how it handles under load and see if my crappy 420w PSU can handle it - may not need the 580w PSU after all. Bit annoying that overclockers.co.uk don't seem to let you cancel orders - guess its a reasonable investment for the future though [headshake]

3DMark 2006 reports around a 10x speed increase over my older 7300LE, which I won't complain about!

I'm going to go sit back with a big grin. I'll go all bipolar and say I love Nvidia and Vista now [looksaround]
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Excellent news! Glad to hear you got it sorted.

When do we get RefRast vs RealRast benchmarks? :)

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When do we get RefRast vs RealRast benchmarks? :)
Thats easy - just toggle "seconds" and "frame" around in the following common phrase: "frames per second" and you have an instant benchmark/comparison [lol]

Have some fun with DX10 :)
I think I may just do that!


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