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Lately a lot of good things have been going on with the newly named 'Fireheart' project. I pretty much have PTK bending to my will now, so the development is coming pretty fast.

Collision, NPC interaction, and a scripted event/object system have all been implemented. The latest new feature, is shadows on dynamic entities (static entities just have pre-rendered shadows). Although not perfect, these early shadows help heighten the mood a lot for the game.

David, the artist, has also been getting a lot of things done. The first whole Tileset is almost complete and we have numerous static objects, as well as sprites for the main character (in Imp form) and a few NPCs.

Anyways, here are some screens:

Some dialogue:

A big tree and some brick walls:

Also, I have a slew of upcoming paid projects (which is good), that are really hampering the chances of me finishing Warmage: Exodus, or getting it into a releasable state for a general demo. That said, I don't want the graphics to go to waste. I paid a lot for them, but I would much rather see them being used in someone else's project, then sitting on my harddrive. So if you have a 2D game that needs some sprites (yeah, they are kind of specific, but I think they could adapt to a lot of purposes), and good progress already or a proven ability to get games done, I would be willing to give these to the right person.

For reference here is a little image I put together showing off some of the sprites I have. The main character has over 800 frames total, in 8 directions with around 10 animations. The reptile and insects have 300-400 frames, plus I have GUI/HUD images, and some basic terrain pieces. Just drop me a note here if you are interested.

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I really like the style of art your that Fireheart is using. Very dark but the contrast is great and really sets the mood. Hadn't had a chance to check out your journal yet as I haven't been on the site in a good while, but as Rav said, looking good.

Another Note: I didn't seem to find any references to Microsoft dropping support for MFC, as far as I can tell they plan to continue to support it. I do remember reading that though, but it just seems to elude me now.

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