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Hey, I'm a Wii developer!

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Funny, when Nintendo announced that they were releasing a downloadable beta of their web browser for Wii, I was skeptical. Seems like every durned embedded device out there, from cellphones to pocketpc's to game consoles, has a web browser. And they all suck. They all lack some important technology that pretty-much guarantees that 80% of the websites you view will look like burned mud.

When I heard, though, that the Wii-browser would support javascript AND Flash 7, I was heartened. I also wondered if my games would run on it, given that my web page also requires javascript and Flash 7.

Big thanks to pal Bryan for confirming that the games not only run, but they look pretty good!

My new carousel menu

A game of Poker Patience

My other question was about how keyboard input is handled. My games are pretty mouse-centric, save for logging in at the beginning. I assume that there's a passable way to enter keys, because Bryan appears to be logged in to Poker Patience.

I'm still wondering about performance. I'll have to track down a Wii and try 'em myself.

I also wonder if this is gonna usher in a new era of Flash games for the Wii. I'll bet a Wiimote-friendly version of Four Second Frenzy would be loads of fun.

Of course, if such a thing did get popular, it explains why console-browsers necessarily suck. If you could just go to a console-friendly game-portal that plays loads of great little games for free or almost-free, a lot of people wouldn't feel the pull to buy boxed games at the store for $60 a pop.
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