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FBO 301 Article Lack of Progress Report

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This one is being a pain.
The article is written however for some reason I'm having huge problems with the shadow mapping part.

I've implimented shadow mapping before now, a number of times infact due to harddrive crashes, however I've got an idea in my head about how correct looking shadow mapping should look.

So far my attempts to reproduce this for the article have been less than stellar. While I have a good shadow map (visually varified in real time by rendering a quad with it on to the display) the output is fubar;

Firstly if I render with the floor there I get MASSIVE z-fighting, mostly in the area around the light source. This hasn't been a problem in previous code.

Secondly the shadow is just wrong. The cube isn't lit properly as regardless of where the light is visualised to be the thing appears fully lit and there is a strange shadow which moves over it which shouldn't exist at all.

This is pretty puzzling all in all so I think I'm going to have to scrap the whole rendering code and start again from the ground up to render the damned thing.


Considering I spent the better part of the last 6h working on this with nowt to show I'm going to take a break from it tonight, I'm just a bit burnt out on it. I'd like to get it done soon however, I restart college on the 5th of Feb and I've gotta do some work for that before I go back (penciled in for this coming week), so I'll probably try and get it done tomorrow (saturday) or the day after (sunday). After monday I'm all about the college work for a week in order to get that done and dusted. [smile]
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