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sigh.. priorities is right, HopeDagger.

so i stopped the other day and posted what i was doing for basically the last two weeks. day in and day out, i was working on breaking down the format of the .sav file emulators made for i beat the game last night and i had to stop and scratch my head. why was i doing all of this work again? i don't want to build the game myself. i found some interesting things as i worked along, and learned a few things. but.. why was i doing all of this work to begin with?

i still don't have an answer. as i look over the journal notes i made locally for myself, i can't seem to figure it out. i obsessed for two weeks straight over a game i liked quite a bit, and did some programming and didn't really wind up with anything very tangible. sure, i have a simple trainer that you can alter a few stats with, and a somewhat more complete viewer. um, yay?

i'm taking a step back and reassessing the worth of the project, and i'm finding that there really isn't much point in "completing" it. i could find more neat maps i suppose, but is that really worth obsessing over? i think i'd rather turn to something a little more creative than that. we'll see how i'm feeling about things in the next little while.
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I think you should bring Space Fortress to fruition. You've already done a lot of the grunt-work for it, so why not keep pushing it forward?

There's a saying: The project that you have that's closest to completion is the one that's closest to completion. [smile]

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