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Detail Texturing...

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First off, 'soconne' is the official "pimp of the day". In my last entry, he suggested adding detail texturing to the scenes...it had crossed my mind many times, I just never did any thing about it [grin].

I added a few lines to my high detail city shader, did the appropriate tweaks app side to load the texture, and I started the game up. As the game was loading I was thinking I'll get a slight increase in visual quality, and it might look alright. "Phhht detail texturing" was running through the back of my mind.

Once the game finally loaded up I literally couldn't believe the change in sharpness, even at 800x600 my jaw hit the floor.

See for yourself...

And that's all you get for now [grin] it's still in the works.

I really haven't done much research on detail textures, I just scaled my model's texture coords by 5.0 in the shader and used those to sample the detail texture. I then just multiply the detail & model textures. I wonder the best way to blend the detail & model textures. I'll be researching and experimenting...but any advice on the topic would be appreciated as usual.

Other than that, I packed my Reflectivity/Luminance/Specularity map into a single texture. The alpha channel is still free to..oh...say....modulate the detail texture :-) It looks odd to see detail texturing on some smooth wall surfaces. I'm also going to multiply the detail texture by the inverse of the reflectivity map, that should clean up most of the shiny surfaces like windows, etc.

I'm really thinking about adding normal maps to all objects in the game, including actors. I'm gonna think about that the next day or two, and see if I can get up the courage to do it. Thing is, I'm banging on the 64 instruction limit of PS2.0, so any normal mapping of buildings will bump the "Very High" shader up to requiring shader model 3.0...or PS 2.0 extended. I can still add normal maps to actors and stay in PS2.0 land....and I think the actors need normal mapping as bad as the environment needed detail texturing.

Oh yea...just because I love this screenshot so much...imma post it again :-D

Ah...I'm all "shadered" out for one day...(wait no I'm not)...(or am I)...hmmmm.

- Dan
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I must admit it's my favorite screenshot too. The crisp lightning effect on the park is awesome. It really has this AAA quality look.

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Glad you guys like it. I recorded a lot of videos of the game lately, I'm just waiting for one I'm perfectly happy with...the specular effects look great in motion, especially w/the motion blur [grin].

The other thing I like about that screenshot above...if you look at the parking deck in the veeery back of the scene, you can see the shadows on the light poles :-D

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Why restrict yourself to PS2.0? You could add a codepath for PS3.0 cards and allow people with those cards to have an even better looking game. And if it is a priority to make your game look better, it shouldn't be that much effort to do that, right?

But, make no mistake your game is looking fantastic - I also love that screenshot :)

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Looks great!
So, would you mind adding a bit more athmospheric variety?
E.g. Rain, layered fog, .... silhouettes cast into the fog (sorry, didn't want to say the last thing ;)

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Actually my notes from the last few days include adding animated smoke/cloud particles throughout the city to increase the haze...

Right now my priority list in terms of visuals...

- Normal mapping on characters, it's time to do it.
- Finish detail texturing
- Add curved roads, ie: right & left hand turns which are missing and will add a lot of variety to the city.
- I'm toying around with a raised freeway system which should help the flat landscape.

I'll eventually get around to working on the atmosphere a little more, I need to rework the sun/lens flare effect also.

Thanks for the comments guys.

- Dan

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That is fucking awesome. It's infinitely better than the totally washed out blurred look (that I can't stand about GTA-spawned games).

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Very very nice, how are you doing the fading out of the detail texture? One way is to simply fade out the mipmaps to grey, which works fine but sounds a bit cheaty :)
Also with your shadowmaps have you looked into LiPSPM mapping? It does lightspace warping to get much more detail where it counts, near the camera. I use Ogre3d and they just implemented it along with plane optimal shadow mapping which allows perfectly sharp shadow along a single plane. Here's the demo download

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