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Cowhead Update

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New Version of Cowhead. Feedback is again invited.

Other thoughts:
Inaria needs to be finished. And rewritten in C#. And have its config file format put into XML. It would also make a wonderful basis for Dungeon Delver, or at the very least a ramp-up project.
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Fun game.

I had no idea what the hell 'Cowhead' was, but decided to download it anyways because its late and I am looking for something new. That said, I am glad I downloaded it.

When the map first came up I was clueless, but it only took about 30 seconds before it made sense, and then I played ... a lot.

I didn't find any bugs, and the interface was clean enough. It was simple enough to figure out by randomly clicking for a while, although challenging enough that I haven't beaten a single advanced puzzle yet.

Anyways, nice game. I can see it eating too much of my time already.

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Cowhead is great. It's a lot more addictive than it has any right to be. I always finish the puzzle, even if I don't want to, even if I've hit a dead end and don't know what to do, I just can't stop myself. Knowing that, I was a little frightened of what might happen to me if I tried an expert puzzle.
2465 seconds and 851 moves later, I'm tired, dizzy, but victorious. Great game.

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1) It would be nice to provide an installer-less version for those of us who do not have permission to install programs on their machines. Luckily all I had to do was remove .deploy from everything.

2) The red color on unconnected blocks is killer on the eyes and I have a headache after beating an expert board

3) I'm not sure if this is because I'm used to the old metric or not, but I find it kind of odd to hit space to lock a hex. A few times my mouse wandered and I ended up locking/unlocking a hex that I didn't want to lock/unlock, and then I had to sit there and figure out if my eyes were playing tricks on me and figure out which hex to lock/unlock. It basically ruined the flow.

4) You might want to resize the form automatically based on the tile size/difficulty.

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