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I'm starting to feel the urge again, the urge to have a go at coding. Anyone have any idea of how to get the 'glow' effect that you see so often in geometry wars style shooters these days?
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1. Select the movieclip object to which you want to apply the glow effect.
2. Choose "glow" from the filters box in the properties window.
3. Set the parameters of the glow (size, color, quality).

BTW, this assumes you're working in Flash 8.

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from what ive seen geometry wars does do anything special WRT glow ie no screen glow etc,
ala its just a texture created in a art program that looks like its glowing

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Yeah, from what I can tell by the screenshots, it's just soft-looking textures applied as an additive blend to the background, much like you would do to implement particle flames and such.

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Look up "Post Processing" if you want to do it properly [grin]

If you're so inclined you can do some funky things with a PP pixel shader and some non-linear maths - rippling/pulsing glows etc...


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