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Snowman Village v1.0!

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Snowman Village v1.0!

The first release of Snowman Village is out! Roll snowballs, pick up decorations and build snowmen to populate your village.

Windows version (2.3Mb zip)

Webstart version (for Windows, MacOS and Linux)

The game is played entirely using the mouse. Click and drag over snowballs to push them around. Read the handy hints that pop up to learn how to play the game. Your village will be automatically saved and loaded for you every time you play. If you've any questions or comments please leave a comment below. Thanks!

Known bugs:
- No sound or music yet.
- Selected item should probably indicate that it's selected somehow.
- Snowmen with funny names (ie. ">_<" won't save correctly because their name is used as a filename.
- No fullscreen mode yet.
- I've just noticed that some of the help popups don't appear. Dang.

Snowman Village is basically inspired by the Calvin & Hobbs comic strips showing the weird snowmen Calvin makes.

So crazy snowmen and scenes are encoraged. [grin] If you make something cool it'd be great if you could share screenshots of it. Later I'm going to add in a way of sharing snowmen between friends within the game.

Today has been crazy productive, but now I'm completely cream crackered and I've already written enough. Technical snippits and details will have to wait.
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Thats a pretty cool little game you've got there, I played for about 15 minutes, and failed to secure a really big snowball though. The mouse controls are neat, but I found it really hard to jump over stuff without speeding up way too fast to react to anything. Other than that, kickass concept, I can't wait to see where it goes.

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It's pretty hard to get a huge snowball, but then that's not really the aim of the game (the large snowball on the screenshot is about the largest I've got myself). Rolling up a snowball of just the right size for your next snowman is the aim I had in mind, but as the decorations are somewhat limited at the moment the building side isn't as interesting as it should be. A more varied set of decorations (including hats, mouths, sporting equipment, garden furniture, etc.) is on my todo list.

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What a wonderfully weird and original concept for a game. [smile]

I agree with Sir Sapo that the snowball is very hard to control when rolling it, although the physical motion seems to be spot on.

I particularly liked the birds, but I don't think I'll ever be much good at this game.

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