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premature optimization IS the sqrt(all_evil) // !!

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everything was going just peachy! just finished the write/remove from registry code. When I realized something during debug. Each time windows wants a thumbnail, it creates and then destroys my COM object!!! damnit... that's the short of it all: damnit!

My COM object uses outside .dll's for rendering, so that new filetypes can be easily added. After posting here on gamedev and another forum, AND chatting on #gamedev the best solution was to load all the .dll's in the constructor of my COM object and store the function pointers in a map (where they key was the filetype).

Argh, but that was a complete waste of time! Since ALL libraries will now be opened and closed instead of just the one needed... doh!

luckily I save a copy after each successfull version :P (yeah, should use CVS but don't have a server yadayada)

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Just when you think everthing's going peachy, Windows comes to the rescue! Don't you love 'em?

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