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ToLua++ rocks!!

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Mike Bossy


This weekend I made the switch from LuaBind to ToLua++. Big improvements in a lot of ways:

1. Smaller. My test app which just has a single class that is called by a Lua script was 250k smaller with ToLua++. Also compile times were a breeze.

2. More straight forward object passing. ToLua has some nice built in functions for passing an object from C++ to Lua without having to deal with the Lua userdata stuff yourself. This is by far the biggest use case for me. I'm going to be having my Lua scripts acting on objects that were created in C++.

Of course there are always tradeoffs:

1. Pre-processing. To use ToLua you need to run a command line tool against classes that you want to expose to lua. Not a huge thing but unless you make it part of your regular build process it's easy to have your generated files get out of sync.

2. More files to manage. Generated code means more files to add to the project. Once again not that big of a deal but it's just one more file that you can forget to check in etc.

All in all the pluses outweight the minuses. Next up is to plug this new work into my engine.
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