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So I finally settled on my concept; bringing Gravity Power back to life. I sit down knowing what I need to do, exactly how to code it and you know what? The effort involved in setting up the basecode for the game just depresses me. I mean, I've done this shit for years - same old boostrap code, same old main loop, same old everything except the payload.

Time to dig around my old code and get something to strip down, I can't bear setting up this shit again... :P
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Man, I hear that. I finally forced myself to strip down some old code and encapsulate a whole bunch of crap for basic stuff (Lua binding, video mode, alphabet rendering, random numbers, main loop, signals and slots, etc...) into a library so I wouldn't have to keep doing it every time I started a new project. Works pretty well, but I still find things to add to it all the time.

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