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Playing with Photoshop 1 - Secret prototype footage

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Sometimes I get bored so if I have a fun picture handy I start up Photoshop and make myself a new MSN avatar or something else. Since I can't draw I stick to editing images... I've got some pictars lying around so I thought I'd start posting them in this Playing with Photoshop series!

Welcome to part uno!

For Swedish Game Awards (SGA) I had some graphics artists design a cool t-shirt anyone would like to wear, outside of SGA. The result was a cool splatter thing with our cluster logo in the middle. Today I finally got a test print of the splatter! I took a picture with my webcam:

(The cluster is made separately and will arrive later.)

Since I'm the Project Manager I like to joke about my title; as Master Chief.

So, before sending the picture to the rest of the group as a teaser for the t-shirt I made some editing with noise and color levels. I tried other stuff too, like adding weapons and using hue/sat, but wasn't happy with the results.

Tadaa!! Three well spent hours! >_<
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