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Non-Game Programming

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No matter how many times I do this, I am still always astounded how much of the work is not directly related to the gameplay. With Cowhead, the game play is complete, finished, done. I haven't touched it for over a week. Today, I spent most of the time I worked on it messing with the profile view, which allows a player to look at the games he has played. I added buttons to clear out games, and I added the ability to sort on any column, and to toggle between ascending and descending order. The last couple of times I worked on it, I was mainly writing HTML files for the help file.

As an aside, the Help class in .net is my new friend. I had always planned on going with CHM files for help anyway.

I've had to balance between life stuff and projects lately. I've been really jonesing to work on stuff. And now, I have Cowhead and another pet project to juggle as well. The other project is "sheer coding bliss" thus far, which means I really want to work on it. However, I do not want to neglect Cowhead, so I have formed a rule for myself: if I want to work on the "cool" project, I need to make a significant contribution to Cowhead first. Today's significant contribution is finishing up the profile view window, as well as smoothing out the transitions between certain game states. Now I get Sheer Coding Bliss for a little while. Yay!
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