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New Semester

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OK so I pretty much sacked that little space game, I just can't get into it and now I've got so much stuff to do that unless I was in love with it, it's just not going to get any attention. That said, I'm going to revisit the idea when Ravuya comes out with PI 1.0 and the example 2D game, maybe it will give me a clue how to put things together better so it's less tedious.

The beginning of the semester has been pretty good so far - I've got a lot more programming related things going on than last semester.

One particularly cool class I have is a programming studio, every week we have a project to code that is designed to improve various coding skills, and then we meet in groups of 5 with a TA to talk about each others code and what we can improve. I think it will help improve my coding style, which will be good for my internship this summer. We also have to do a final project, which might be a good excuse to make some kind of little game :)

I've also got a programming language & compilers class that uses OCaml, so that should be interesting, I haven't done much functional programming except using Scheme a couple years ago.

I also tried Ruby on Rails this weekend on a whim - I've got to say there is definitely something to the hype, it was VERY easy to make a little web application. I'm trying to think of something cool to make with it, but I've never been much of a web developer. I've heard cool things about llor.nu, but right now it seems to be over-capacity and I can't even see the website.

Oh yeah, and I bought FFXII today - it looks like a great game and it's definitely going to be occupying a lot of my time. It's much more fluid than the previous FF games, no screen changes when you fight, mostly seamless environments, and a less annoying way of having monsters in the wild.
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