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Progress on my little side project is on hold temporarily while I work on my school game project. I'm the AI/Game Logic programmer (and Product Manager) for Dandellos, a 3D tetris-ish puzzle game where players have to combine like-colored blocks and throw them at a black hole to either enlarge it to the point where it destorys the universe or seal it off to prevent said destructrion, depending on which team the you are on.

So far my AI is nothing fancy. It uses a simple fuzzy logic system to look at all possible moves available, and select the best one, be it collecting more blocks, combining blocks together, or throwing them. To get high marks in the class I have to do something "advanced", so the plan is to make several AI "personalities" and write some simple genetic algorithms to evolve how they play over time. Should tie in nicely to my Machine Learning class, and hopefully I can knock out two class projects with this game.


The little red sphere is an AI player, dutifully going about its business. Nothing overly fancy/impressive, but at least it does something.

In other news, my journal just reached 1000+ views (yay). I'm sure most of them are me obsessively checking my journal for new comments, but it still feels a little nice. I'm now what, 1/226th of the way to johnhatten & co.
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