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Evil Steve


Ok, it's time for some computer-related stuff. I've not done any coding for about 3 weeks now...

I've ripped my PC to bits to make a Media Center PC for our flat, which is now a beast. So it has a 5.1 sound card and speakers from my PC (I'll just use headphones and onboard sound), a wireless LAN card from my PC (Which was never used), a GeForce 5 of some description, a 200GB hard drive, and my 32" TV plugged into it.
And it also has a bunch of high defintion WMV samples from Microsoft's site, which look awesome.

I finally got around to reinstalling Windows yesterday. It was freaking out about missing hardware, and strange things were generally going on. So, I re-installed windows, and then found it'd cunningly done the following:
  • Re-lettered all my drives. I think I'd installed my SATA drives after I'd installed Windows, so that obviously confused it
  • Set my F drive (Which used to be Z - My Documents) to the system partition, which had the lovely effect of making that drive un-reletterable
  • Given me the wonderful option in the system tray to "Safely remove" my SATA drives. WHY?

    So, I moved the boot.ini file from F to C, and rebooted, and it came as no surprise that it didn't boot up.
    So I'll try again today, and unplug my SATA drives first. I partially blame the motherboard drivers. They rebooted the PC 3 times without telling me they were going to, and flashed up several Windows error message boxes about drivers not installing properly. Unfortunately, they flashed up for under a second, and then the UI of the installer came back into focus and wouldn't respond. So next time I'll be installing drivers through device manager I think.

    This of course means I'll have to reinstall visual studio (And a slew of other programs of course), and I have a nagging feeling that I left the damn DVDs in my MSDN subscription binder back in Edinburgh. So it's probably going to be another trip back to Edinburgh this weekend to fetch them. *Sigh*
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