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I Hate The CS Lab, Part 19

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Oh god now they're doing construction again so I get to hear impact drills going through the concrete while I'm in my lecture.

Big things from yesterday:
  • Started on the racing game tilemap editor. I'm suspecting that at some point in the future, I will have to implement a general tilemap editor because I'm getting sick of re-implementing this for my tile based games.
  • Got collision with the "checkpoint" lines working. This is actually much simpler than I originally thought; box-line collision is just an AABB if you think about it.
  • Hooked up the input to a car; right now I can hold down space to make the car accelerate in the proper direction. Gonna get steering working later, and then hook up my Xbox360 pad and make sure analogue steering is working.

Not much is really going on, but we'll see what it's like. I got home pretty late last night so I didn't have much time to do work between 24 and being surprisingly freaked out by this TV pirate's antics. I suspect I haven't had enough sleep, because watching it in the morning makes it hilarious, instead of terrifying. Weird.

Anyway, screenshots tonight? Okay? It's a date. Here, drink this. That's right. Oh, you're sleepy? Well, let's go back to my place. You can crash on the couch.
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