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further work on ludumdare game

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If you havent checked out hamumu's ludumdare entry "moon invaders" (he copied my game, i swear.) then do so, its cool.


So, I continued some work on Lunar Fortress a bit just to see what I could do. I added quite a lot of stuff.

  • Ability to "level" the turrets ( damage dealt, range, fire delay ).
  • Replaced the boring surface tile with larger moon texture (look pretty :>).
  • 95 levels, enemies are basically font letters from 0-94.
  • 3D sound and sound delays added so there isn't just a retarded buzzing sound when 1000 bullets are being fired.

Anyways. Its ridiculous near the end and the frame rate drops to ~100, furthest I have gotten was level 86 (capital W). The enemies move so freaking fast you basically have to setup the towers to spam like crazy in just one spot, kinda fun :>. I think I may further develop the game.

I was thinking of a list of cool stuff that may be worth adding.

  • Get rid of the precomputed path and replace it with start and finish points, then compute an A* path around any objects you may place each time an object would be placed.
  • Add network play, one person be a defender and the other an attacker
  • Each player starts off with a central building and a couple peons to build each of their specific buildings ( defender = defensive building, attacker = mobile attacking units, tanks ect ).
  • Levels could contain mines for raw materials that could be used to build different towers
  • Single-player levels would probably not have ai to harvest resources and build units, instead there would be just spawning attackers.

I would REALLY REALLY like to develop the game into something like plumbing mania, where it can be a game that alot of people could like and it could be worth $9.99 - $14.99.


we will see.

but right now, screenshot.

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