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I Hate The CS Lab, Part 20

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I hear if I make it up to part 63, I get a free muffin. For some reason I don't get much disk space (200MB) as part of my NFS at the university, so I have to plod along hoping that my log and temporary files don't fill up the entire disk. Despite being told it was easy throughout the previous three years of my career, getting new disk space is like pulling teeth because a bunch of engineers have now requested more disk space for their CS accounts, which they never use, probably because they don't know how to minimize their Firefox cache and turn off core dumps when their poorly-written C applications blow their shit all over the disk. [crying]

Amazing 2D Game

I hooked up the input system, but the messages aren't propagating to the vehicles yet. Soon.

Guerilla Ravuya Marketing

I've noticed that a lot of people in #gamedev tend to be interested in Propane Injector. I don't think I'm that big of a whore, so those of you who are pushing it are much appreciated.

The code for v1.0 is mostly done; I have to simply get this 2D game done within the next month, clean up some of the old useless files from previous versions, and then pack it up. Does anyone know how to make a VS2005 project template? Would be cool if the installer shoved one in, set up your include and lib paths and then added the PI source code to your project. Of course you'd still have to install the SDL_* libraries, but...
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Assuming you are using VS05 it should be as simple as setting up a project with your default files and then hitting 'export template' from the file menu...

More Details here [grin]

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racing game...sounds interesting. Ill be looking forward to see what you cook up since I am basically a car sim nerd :>

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It's not really a sim, it's just a test 2D racing game to prove that my framework works.

Right now all of the physics are very wonky. I suspect I need to go back and retool it all.

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