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Programmer Art needs love to!

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Well, I'm still working on the graphics for Round World. I finished the background for the level, and it looks quite nice in motion. I'm still working on the tiles, but I should have them finished tomorrow. I've actually drawn several different tiles which could possibly make up the basic look of the level, for instance grass, dirt, and "Round" piece of stone. Maybe if I had grass on top of the floor and dirt under it, the level will look better(where as in Blocky World it's all grass).

Now as many of you know who have played Blocky Man(or seen a screenshot, for that matter), I'm not exactly the best sprite artist in the world. However, I am honestly making an effort to improve my drawing skills, as well as trying to enjoy actually drawing sprites(I usually don't). Some enemies I'm actually drawing out, rather than just using the MS paint shape tools. An example of this would be the Space Pirates in level 3. Even though my art is a prime example of Programmer Art, it still doesn't mean it can't look decent. Also when considering that the game itself is supposed to look cartoony, I think I at least do a satisfactory job at it.

I think when I really sit down and try, I can draw some pretty decent sprite art. For instance, I think my Stompy Avatar here is pretty nice, although simple, sprite art. My point is, I'm trying to improve.

Actually programming the game is so much more fun anyway[grin]
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On the subject of graphics, there's a neat thread over on the indiegamer forums that might interest you. Near the bottom of that first page, there's a screenshot of his original character standing next to a new anti-aliased vector based version. I think it's pretty cool stuff.

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I've always thought that vector graphics would be a great look for my games. I downloaded Inkscape awhile ago, but have never been able to make any good results with it. To be honest, I find Inkscape kind of confusing to use[grin]

Probably when I finish Blocky Man and move on to my next game project, I'll try to learn to use Inkscape properly.

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