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WTL Madness

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Soul Searching

Been making some progress on getting my code ported over to WTL. It's been depressingly slower than I had hoped. There's some great tutorials out there, but like MFC, WTL has it's own finicky issues that I have to circumnavigate if I want to make my app. There's some really nice improvements in WTL that may cause me to come back to it at some point in the future, but none of these add anything major to the application I want to make here.

However, these unanticipated difficulties have given me the chance to think really hard about what I want from this revision. The result of this is that I have decided that I will still redo the GUI, but I will stay with MFC (as that will allow me to plug anything I wish to keep seamlessly back in) and strip out useless code. I know this is a somewhat backward step, but I've been looking at the performance and executable size differences between WTL and MFC and there haven't been many.

To make a long story short(er), I'll be redoing the GUI in a fresh VS project. In the process, I'll be stripping out features from the mesh editor that, while they seemed like good ideas at the time (since they're often found in professional modellers), they don't really add much value or save the user much time. In the end, they just served to clutter-up my GUI and multiply the size of my source files considerably.

Unfortunately, installing the latest Microsoft Platform SDK has managed to bugger-up my MFC libs and so I'll either need to uninstall/reinstall a whole bunch of stuff, or try and do some "maintainance". [depressed]

On the plus-side, my holidays are only three weeks and two days away! Looking forward to three weeks of snowboarding and not being at work. [grin]
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